Are you someone who values the independence of online learning but still wants to enjoy the benefits of face-to-face course?

The Blended Learning Course West meets East, combines the best of both worlds - intensive in Webinars along with a flexible schedule for the online units.

The course consists of 4 modules that include digital learning streets with videos, interactive digital games and exercises, and a 90-minute webinar after each module. The course can also be done as a purely digital course.  In any case, it is a good basis with which it is possible to work successfully with Chinese internationally and in China.


What can you expect when dealing with your Asian business partners? Are there any cultural differences that must be taken into account? How do I express respect? What creates trust and how can a lasting relationship be established? And what about the Chinese "yes and no"? East meets West or West meets East, cooperation with Chinese colleagues is part of everyday working life in many companies. The Chinese culture has a decisive influence on the way your colleagues think, feel and act. Work and management styles that we take for granted are suddenly inappropriate and wrong. Chinese emphasise different values in work and business life, which can easily lead to difficulties in everyday life, and - if used correctly - also offers potential for development.


Module 1: What does culture mean? - Getting to know cultural sensitivity and improving personal perception.

Module 2: Country and people - Acquiring knowledge on "What makes China tick?": State, language, people, customs and traditions.

Module 3: Communication with Chinese - Improving communication with Chinese colleagues, customers and Chinese employees.

Module 4: Working with Chinese - Learning and practicing the key elements of Chinese working culture.


4 x Self-study units = each unit approx. 90 minutes 4 x Webinar = each Webinar 90 minutes Total: 720 minutes = 12 hours


If you want to learn more, contact me and you will get a demo access.