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Dr. Barbara Geldermann

Sinologist, advisor and coach


Purchasing in China - Climb the Great Wall!

Ever since China opened its doors to the world again in 1978, the Chinese economy has been a success story with enormous potential. For the past few decades the Chinese economy has been growing at the rate of about 10% annually. For years running China has been one of the most attractive sourcing markets in the world. If you have not found your way into China yet, we can help you tap this market and its huge sourcing potential. Climb the Great Wall ! 

Today, nobody can afford ignoring the potential of the Chinese sourcing market.

China offers an attractive environment for foreign companies. With large multi-national companies setting up R&D facilities in China, a new trend has also been created. No longer is China only a market for low value products. More and more high-tech, high value goods are being produced within China. The race between the industrialised first world and China has started. Chinese suppliers offer very low prices due to the comparatively low wages they have to pay. Since the wage differential between the developed coastal regions and the poor "hinterland" of China will exist for quite some time, there will be sufficient potential to dodge wage rises in the richer parts of the country.


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